Protect Your Homes By Preventing Unwanted Pests in Queen Creek, AZ

Queen Creek, AZ

Pest Control Services

We at Davis Pest Control are a locally owned and operated pest control company that operates out of Phoenix, Arizona and services surrounding areas such as Queen Creek. The team behind Davis Pest Control is dedicated to helping you get rid of any unwanted pests and weeds you may have in your home. Our services include the treatment of scorpions, ants, spiders, wasps, and rodents. We can also treat your yard to get rid of the unwanted weeds that lurk there.

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Our Specialties

At Davis Pest Control, we specialize in treating a number of unwanted pests that plague your homes and may cause unwanted destruction. As we specialize in pest control in Queen Creek, Arizona, we know all the different pests that plague the area. And more importantly, we know and understand how to remove them from your property.
If you are suffering from an infestation of rats and mice in your home, wasps building nests in your yard, or any other problematic pests, call Davis Pest Control for quick and hassle-free treatment.

You can find out below what unwanted creatures and pests we at Davis Pest Control will treat and prevent for you.

We specialize in treating the following:

Weed Treatment Services

Besides treating any pests on your property, we also specialize in controlling your yard from any weed outbreaks. It is essential to control the environment of your yard as a way to control any pests living on the property.

Pest and Weed Control Prices

Pest Control Prices

We offer free quotes to anyone who is looking for pest control services at affordable prices, as we believe a pest-free life should not compromise your living standards. We also offer a monthly pest control service that starts at $65 per month.
A scorpion night treatment is available for $300. This is a single service that takes place after dark and includes: a full yard inspection using blacklights to search for scorpion nests, a full yard treatment, and a seven-day follow-up blacklight inspection.

Weed Control Prices

Our weed control treatments can be tailored and customized to fit your yard, so we can use the most suitable service for your yard. Our weed treatments work can be used twice a year or every six months, and we will come and perform our weed control services. The pricing starts at $160 up to ¼ acre, $220 for ¼ to ½ acres, $300 for ½ to one acre, and $300 for one acre+.
Contact Davis Pest Control for all your pest control and weed control in the Queen Creek area. Our highly trained staff can help you in making your home pest free.